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The colonnade stretched into the gauzy blur of rapid movement, as if the air were a dimpled whirlpool of glass. It oozed backward. The stain of it grew ever more slowly, reaching out to the wall as a glacier might stretch the last of its moraine toward milky green hills. The sight of it is [...]

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a magical college zombie story

Some upstanding young men and women, college-age, stood on a lake. Three brace they were, clad in red and black: a young lady with bright blonde hair; three sober, brown young men; a younger girl with auburn hair; and finally a chestnut haired boy with eyes of green. It was easy enough to see why they [...]

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adventure dispenser

Rachel was a young girl of nine and an explorer. She had donned a hard cap and affixed to it a reflective circle of foil. In the sun, it shown like a bright lamp. She needed such a lamp that would carry with it a piece of the sun because she was exploring the dark [...]

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